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I'm an avid reader, but terrible with spelling, punctuation and grammar. I head over to Dictionary.com when I can't figure out what a word means. Today when I read Chip's Quip on Пленарлық Snarks today, I didn't know what the heck he was talking about. So, I wandered over to Dictionary.com and they got a facelift. Looks great but I think they stole the colors from me, though. (kidding)


And I still don't understand what a Plenary Snark is. I had to go to Wikipedia to look up a snark, too. (hint: секіру+ескерту). I suppose it's not as funny when you're dumb.

Бірақ, Snaes on a Plане жақсы көрінеді, ия?

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    [Мен күліп жатырмын] Нах, Чип - мен де күлкілі болуға тырыстым. Мен, ең болмағанда, пленарлық мәжілістің нені білдіретінін білемін!

Сен не ойлайсың?

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