Blog-Tipping: Catalyze, бағдарламалық жасақтама жасау және қолдануға ыңғайлы сарапшылардың әлеуметтік желісі

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It’s been a while since I блогты ұсынды және маған осы туралы екі апта бұрын Том Хумбаргер есіме түсірді Катализ. A job change and side contract greatly shortened the amount of time I could spend on my site each day. Thankfully, that’s beginning to turn around now.

Біріншіден, алдыңғы блогқа кеңес беру туралы бірнеше кері байланыс

Мен Андреден сайтында « оның сайтына ұсынған өзгертулер келушілердің және беттердің қаралуының керемет ұлғаюына әкелді. Андре күніне шамамен 290 бірегей келушілерді және өзгертулерге дейін 700 бетті қарады. Енді, бар Күніне 1200 бірегей келушілер және 3000-ға жуық парақ қарау!!!


Today, I’m going to tip Catalyze - Бизнес-талдаушылар мен UX мамандарына арналған қауымдастық – Creative People Designing Extraordinary Software. Catalyze goes well beyond a blog, it’s truly a social network so this will be quite a challenge! Tom pinged me a few weeks ago and has been patiently waiting!

Міне, блог туралы кеңестер:

  1. You might laugh at this, but I honestly had to dig around to find out what “UX” meant! I didn’t realize it was an abbreviation for User Experience. I’m not sure that folks are searching on “UX”… you may want to write out “User Experience” in page titles, etc. Within the page, you may want to use >acronym> tags: UX іздеу жүйелері терминді де, аббревиатураны да теріп шығатындай етіп.
  2. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’d really encourage you to provide a feed links on your home page. If you could develop a comprehensive feed of the latest posts, latest forum discussions, and perhaps the latest events – that would really provide a lot of value to readers.
  3. On that same note, I noticed that I could actually get a RSS feed from your blog but it’s not embedded in your header for integration with browsers. All of the latest browsers will look for a RSS link designation in the header of your pages and they will automatically display a RSS subscription button in the Address Bar. Here’s what the code looks like:

    Here’s how it looks when you go to my page in Firefox:

    RSS сілтемесі бар мекенжай жолағы

    Here’s what your page looks like:

    RSS сілтемесіз мекенжай жолағы

    If you make it simple for people to subscribe to your site, you’ll gain more subscribers. Be sure to use a tool like FeedPress сіздің қанша жазылушыңыз бар екенін бақылау үшін.

  4. Егер мен сіздің блогыңыздың парағын қырып жатқан Google Bot болғанда, мен сіздің парағыңызды “Blog thumbarger” ретінде индексер едім ... мүмкін сіз іздеген кілт сөздер емес. Егер сіз өз парақ атауларыңызды парақтың нақты тақырыбына өзгерте алсаңыз, in бұл оқиға: Сіз дизайн туралы ойланасыз ба? Том Хумбаргердің қазіргі даналығын катализдеу
  5. Search engines do pay attention to how content is constructed in your pages as well. In the case of your blog posts, the title of the post is simply a link with a class=”siblog_PostTitle”. That’s not going to tell a Search Engine that there’s anything important about that Title. If you’re able to get into the guts of your application, I would ensure that I have heading tags, either >h1> or >h2> tags enclosing my blog post title. I would also recommend writing posts using heading tags as well.

    Мүмкін ең көп мүмкіндік беретін парақ сіздің үй парағыңыз болуы мүмкін. Бұл іздеу жүйесі көрген сілтемелердің үлкен бір парағы. Егер ол тақырыптармен және сәйкесінше белгіленетін үзінділермен пішімделген парақ болса, сіз бұл мазмұнды жақсырақ индекстей аласыз.

  6. Сіздің туралы күнтізбелік page there’s a Subscribe link.. but nothing on the link to subscribe to. I would also ensure that you denote the page titles as I wrote about the blog titles.
  7. Digging into your page structure, I see an incredible complex maze of tables and divs. I don’t want to take a shot at my fellow .NET developers, but I see this so often that it hurts. A great .NET developer will have a tough time locating an element, so he throws a table around it to make it easier.

    Кестелер мәліметтерге, дивтар және стильдер мазмұнға арналған.

    Think of it this way – pretend that you’re a search engine crawler and you are trying to ‘see’ what content is in the page that’s useful to index on. Crawlers take a subsection of the page… no one really knows what percentage, but they don’t take the entire page. Your application has so much formatting code that it’s difficult to actually find the content! And by the time you do, it’s halfway down the page. This style is so common in .NET development. It makes the application easier to write, but difficult for crawlers to read. If there’s any means for you to provide feedback to your Content Management system, please let them know.

  8. Мен қосымша ақпаратты білу үшін «Powered by iRise» шыңына шыққым келді, бірақ ол ақ параққа байланысты болды.
  9. You’ve got dynamic Meta tags for keywords and descriptions on the page. Ironically, most search engines don’t pay very much attention to these, but they can’t hurt. Your meta description needs some work, though. If I saw your calendar page come up as a result, the description would come up as “Catalyze | Events”. I’m not sure you’re going to get a lot of folks clicking through on that! Instead, I would utilize your first paragraph, “The Catalyze event calendar is a comprehensive source for all activities ? local or national ? that are of interest to business analysts and user experience professionals.”
  10. There’s no robots.txt file in your root directory. Robots.txt files let Search Engine bots know how you want your site searched. You can find a ton of information on Robots.txt at this Жиі қойылатын сұрақтар бет.
  11. There’s no sitemap.xml file in your root directory and no Robots.txt file to point out where it is. Key to making your site search engine friendly is making it easy for Search Engines to map out your site and discover where things are. A sitemap is a programmatic roadmap to your site. Otherwise, the Search Engines can only scour the site by link… not knowing what’s important nor how the site is organized. This may be the most important thing you can do for your site! Read up at
  12. I’m guessing at this last one, but given the lack of back-end tools being leveraged on Catalyze, your site is probably not pinging Google Blogsearch and the major Search Engines when your site changes or blog posts are made. Once again, it’s not that your site won’t be discovered, but proactively notifying services around the net will never hurt.

You’ve got one heck of a site, Tom, but no one is aware that it exists because of the lack of any Search Engine Optimization. Take a look at SEODigger on your site and you only come up for “Catalyze”. All of that content is wasted unless you can get the site Search Engine friendly. If you’re wondering why “Catalyze” is your keyword, take a look at a кері іздеу on your site and you’ll see why.

Best of luck! I’m not sure if you’ve got the development resources to make the changes or you have to work through the company who developed the application, but there’s quite a bit of work to do.

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    Иә! Кеңестер менің блогыма үлкен прогресс болды. Қазір мен күніне 2000 бірегейге жету үшін жұмыс істеймін.

    Жақсы жұмыс Дуглас!

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