Hit and Run Run Saturday!

I drove my daughter to her Mom's today for a Mommy-Daughter weekend. Round-trip, the drive is about 2 hours. I was about a mile from returning to my home when I witnessed a light pick-up truck in front of me smash into the car in front of her… and then she took off! I was both amazed and really angry so I took off after her and called 911 on my cell phone. We drove about 8 miles North and she noticed I was following her and pulled over in a gas station.

The driver and the guy she was with walked up to my window and asked if I was following them. I said… “Uh, yea”… she says, “Why, I didn't hit you!?”

I couldn't believe it!!! So I told her to sit still and that I was on the phone with the police (I had been giving them directions the entire time). She was a little ticked and said “I'm outta here” and got back into her truck. I saw the guy she was with pleading with her, he knew they were in trouble. I let her know I'd be right behind her :).

So they got back in the truck and I think they were heading back towards the accident but it was just a little too late. A couple miles down the road the police had the street blocked off. I actually could hear the policeman that was standing in the street waving her down and he could hear me saying, “Hey… that's them!”

Өкінішке орай, жап-жаңа Мустанг жүргізіп жатқан кедей бала осының бәрінің ортасында қалып, ханымды тоқтатпастан бұрын полиция көлігін қадағалады (иә, екінші апат!). Мен тоқтап, барлық ақпаратты бердім.

Осыдан кейін мен қайғылы жағдайға ұшырадым, онда кедей қыз соққыға жығылды. Ол қатты сілкінді, бірақ оның отбасы маған жүргізушіні іздеу үшін жақсы көңіл-күй сыйлады.

I can't tell you why I did it… but I was surprised that I was the only one. This is, unfortunately, the second time I've witnessed a crime and not watched anyone else step forward. That's really terrible. If EVERYONE did something when a crime was committed, I'm sure that crime rates would go down significantly. This accident affected so many people! The poor girl that got hit, the kid that hit the police car, the lady that's going to jail, the friend of hers that told me he told her to stop… what a Saturday for everyone.

It doesn't take much to step up when something like this occurs. Someone told me once that it takes a special person… I don't agree. I'm a big fan of karma… if you look the other way, chances are that someone will look away when you're the one that needs help.

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    Рақмет, Шон ... Мен батыр емеспін, маркетингтік могал емеспін ... бірақ біреудің біреудің ренжігенін, содан кейін ұшып бара жатқанын көргенім мені қатты ашуландырды. Бақытымызға орай, барлығы жақсы болды, нәтиже бұдан да нашар болуы мүмкін екеніне сенімдімін.

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    Даг, маркетинг туралы керемет түсініктер, бірақ сіздің кейіпкер туралы әңгімеңіз өте тартымды және батыл болды. Сізге оқ атылмағаныңызға өте қуаныштымын, мен Кук округінде тұрамын, Иллинойс. Көптеген адамдар бұдан былай бәрібір емес, мен мұндай адамды білетініме мақтанамын.

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