Сіз неге блог жүргізесіз?

BlogI like to seek and pass on information. I have throngs of family, friends, coworkers and clients that ask for my opinion and I love to give it to them. Unfortunately I have more questions and more folks in need of assistance, though, so sometimes even my family gets mad that I’m not responding.

Бірақ бұл is what I’m good at.

Мен тыңдағанды ​​ұнатамын.
Мен оқығанды ​​ұнатамын.
Мен оқығанды ​​ұнатамын.
And, I love to share what I’ve learned.

Sharing is even more important when I’m wrong. I appreciate it when folks tell me I’m off my rocker. Today I got in a passionate tiff at work about the boundaries of my responsibilities and my job. Truth is, it was a tiff because I hate boundaries. I don’t want my team and I arguing about what my job is versus what their job is. I just really want to get a group of heads together to fix the darn problem! That’s it!

Under times of stress at a company, we like to push back on responsibilities and boundaries. Isn’t it funny that when you start up a company that those boundaries don’t exist? Everyone simply kicks in because they all бар to if they want to survive. How do we keep that momentum as you grow from 5 to 10 to 5,000 clients? I think it’s one of the best kept secrets of large companies. To heck with processes, paperwork, pointing fingers…. just get it done! That’s why I’m in business and not politics. I despise politics, especially politics in business.

So I yelled, and they yelled, and I yelled some more and stormed out. Afterwards, we got through it. We’re a better team because of it. Do I wish it never happened? Absolutely not! They must understand how I feel and who I am so we can get the job done right. I respect them much more for pushing back than not. And now I have an appreciation for their perspective.

I want to have these debates with everyone. I’m a better person when you express yourself to me. I’m not going to say that I’m right or you’re wrong… we each have our own perspectives and beliefs. We’re better as a team because of our diversity.

It’s why I blog!

I get to throw my ideas out to anyone who wishes to read them. I have a couple hundred readers a day now and every few days one of them will throw me a comment or a short note that makes me think about what I’ve written. Yesterday, the leader of a well-respected GIS company passed on 2 words regarding my last entry on Google Maps: “Nice implementation!”. It made my day!

It’s why I blog.

I have a group of trusted folks around me that I’m constantly bouncing ideas off of. But it’s not enough. I want to bounce my ideas off people I don’t know. People outside my industry, outside my country, outside my race, etc. I welcome their response! I really do! We’re better when we understand each other. Nothing can stop us.

Сонымен, сіз неге блог жүргізесіз?

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    Мен бұл блогты бүгін ғана таптым және оны өте жақсы блогтар деп білемін. Мен сіздің шығармаңызды көбірек оқуды асыға күтемін!

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